Return and Cancellation Policy

The actual colour of the product that you see on our website may differ slightly from what’s shown, due to lighting differences, individual pc monitor colour settings, photography styles, etc.


If deemed fit for return due to any defect, wear or tear, we will replace the returned items with another design of the same price. If Damage or any other complaints, customers should send written complaint to support@prismdesigns or register complaint via our website within 48 hours after receiving the item unless its consider as a proper delivery.


Shipping Partners


We use DTDC partnership services. We may use other shipping parties depending on the exigencies of the product(s) to be delivered.


Standard Delivery Times


The items will be dispatched within 24 hours and the final delivery will take depending on the distance of the delivery location.

Our dispatch takes place only between the fixed time of 10 am - 6 pm. All orders that are placed after 6 pm will only be dispatched on the next working day after 10 am. 

There will be no dispatch of items during Sundays and national holidays.  

Cities/areas falling outside our delivery limit will require additional charges as we will arrange for delivery from the nearest city or location where we are present. 

Service providers in different cities have varied schedules and hence we cannot guarantee delivery at a specific time.  

It is the prior responsibility of the customer to choose the item carefully. We do not provide any refund for cancellation of the item. Instead, we will replace the returned item with another design of the same price and no refund will be provided.